Sheryl Balthrop Honored with LCBA Pro Bono Award

Sheryl Balthrop was honored at this year’s Lane County Bar Association Spring Bash and Awards Dinner with the Andrew Clement Pro Bono Award.  This award is given to honor an individual who has provided exceptional service to persons of limited means.  Sheryl was honored for her work with ShelterCare, a non-profit human services agency providing services to homeless or potentially homeless families with children, adults with acquired brain injuries and adults with psychiatric disabilities. ShelterCare relies heavily on pro-bono legal services for its eleven programs, its six inter-related corporations, 220 employees and a diversity of issues related to its clients.

Sheryl has been the lead in providing ShelterCare’s pro-bono legal services for more than 14 years.  According to ShelterCare, the savings the organization gets through the hundreds of hours of pro-bono services Sheryl provides each year allows them to house and provide supportive services to hundreds of clients. Examples of the client services ShelterCare is able to provide due to Sheryl’s generous donation of legal services are:

  • Keeping families with children in their homes through minimal financial assistance and case management, preventing them from experiencing the instability caused by homelessness, and
  • Providing the first apartment and supportive services a homeless individual may have had in as long as a decade since experiencing the devastating effects of an undiagnosed/untreated mental illness.

Susan Ban, Executive Director, says that when she was brand new to her position and anxious about a challenging personnel issue Sheryl was her lifeline.  “Sheryl was at my side, covered my back and talked me through the situation, with wisdom, calm and encouragement.  I learned so much from Sheryl and that learning continues to shape my decisions today.”