At Gaydos, Churnside & Balthrop, we are focused on providing our clients with the tools they need to maximize their potential. Our attorneys will assist you with minimizing risks, making informed decisions and fostering positive relationships for a healthy workplace.

Workplace Assistance and Training

We offer on-call assistance with a broad spectrum of day-to-day employment-related matters in addition to customized training for human resource professionals, business owners and managers.

  • Wage and salary issues
  • Disability issues
  • Dispute resolution and management
  • Hiring, discipline, and firing
  • Discrimination and harassment claims
  • Wrongful termination claims

Employment Agreements

Employment agreements are important to minimize liability and to protect your business interests. We can draft and review documents in compliance with federal and state regulations.

  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee handbooks
  • Human resources procedures
  • Non-competition, non-solicitation, severance and confidentiality agreements
  • Trade secrets

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