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The Secret to Effective Negotiation in the Most Difficult Situation of All: A Dispute with a Colleague, Friend or Family Member

When many of us think of negotiating in a difficult situation, we think of sitting across the table from a cold, calculating, crafty adversary bent on maximizing personal benefit. While such a situation can indeed be challenging, skilled negotiators often report that that they are the most unsettled when they encounter a colleague, friend or… Read more »

Are These 5 Mistaken Beliefs Keeping You From Mediating Your Divorce?

Chris and Remy are divorcing[1]. Remy did some online research and became overwhelmed. Remy then made a few calls to divorce attorneys and was dismayed by the cost. Chris alternates between anger and grief. Chris’s friends tell Chris to get a pit-bull attorney so as to not be taken advantage of, particularly regarding custody of… Read more »