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IP Audits: Knowing What You’re Working With

Know What You Are Working With New and established businesses alike have one often overlooked and under-utilized category of assets: intellectual property (IP) assets. Are the business’s IP assets all known? Properly protected? How does the business account for new IP assets created by the business? Are they being appropriately monetized? These are all questions… Read more »

One Way to Protect Your Business Content: Copyright

Investing in your Business Content In our last blog post, we discussed using trademark registration to protect a very important business asset: the business brand. Next, we will highlight one way to protect another business asset: the content a business creates. One way to do this is through copyright protection.  What is a copyright?  A copyright is a… Read more »

One Way to Protect Your Business Brand: Trademarks

Investing in your Brand. Building and developing a brand is an exciting time. Businesses spend a lot of time strategizing about what will effectively convey the desired message to clients. Does it convey the business’s traditions and values? Cutting-edge technology? Does it break through the noise and attract positive attention on overcrowded product platforms such as Etsy, Amazon or even the local grocery market shelf? Perhaps the business is launching a new product or rebranding… Read more »

Questions about Oregon’s New Sick Time Law?

January 1 not only rang in a new year, it also rang in a new law impacting most private employers and employees in Oregon.  As of January 1, 2016, most Oregon employers are required to provide sick time off in a manner that meets or exceeds the statutory standard. As many of our clients have… Read more »