Gerry is a gifted counselor.
- Jeffrey M. Batchelor, Mediator & Arbitrator
The professionalism and attention to detail in handling my case was exceptional. Nick took the time to research this issue thoroughly and made suggestions that were in my best interest and which brought a timely close to the case. I highly recommend Gaydos, Balthrop and Churnside for any legal issue. They’re a versatile group who can approach any legal issue with resources and experience.
- Judi L.
Retaining a lawyer is a critical aspect of owning a small business. I have worked with Nick Balthrop over the years and have been very happy with his services. Nick is friendly, compassionate, pays attention to detail, and responds promptly. The legal services provided by Gaydos, Churnside and Balthrop have exceeded my expectations and have given me peace of mind during the difficult times every small business owner encounters.
- Dr. Scott F. Aley D.C.
The firm has proven to be of inestimable value to our business. The attorneys have been very responsive and diligent in meeting often tight deadlines. They have repeatedly analyzed complex government regulations and helped us decipher their meaning and determine best course of action. We couldn’t do without them.
- Ron B.
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