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Questions about Oregon’s New Sick Time Law?

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January 1 not only rang in a new year, it also rang in a new law impacting most private employers and employees in Oregon.  As of January 1, 2016, most Oregon employers are required to provide sick time off in a manner that meets or exceeds the statutory standard.

As many of our clients have had compliance concerns, we are providing the following general information to alert employers to the potential need to implement new … more

The Secret to Effective Negotiation in the Most Difficult Situation of All: A Dispute with a Colleague, Friend or Family Member


When many of us think of negotiating in a difficult situation, we think of sitting across the table from a cold, calculating, crafty adversary bent on maximizing personal benefit.

While such a situation can indeed be challenging, skilled negotiators often report that that they are the most unsettled when they encounter a colleague, friend or family member across the proverbial bargaining table.

So, why is this?  And, more importantly, how do we effectively and respectfully … more

Are These 5 Mistaken Beliefs Keeping You From Mediating Your Divorce?

Chris and Remy are divorcing[1]. Remy did some online research and became overwhelmed. Remy then made a few calls to divorce attorneys and was dismayed by the cost. Chris alternates between anger and grief. Chris’s friends tell Chris to get a pit-bull attorney so as to not be taken advantage of, particularly regarding custody of their children. Both Chris and Remy have heard horror stories about divorce trials, but believe they have no alternative.

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Sheryl Balthrop Honored with LCBA Pro Bono Award

Sheryl Balthrop was honored at this year’s Lane County Bar Association Spring Bash and Awards Dinner with the Andrew Clement Pro Bono Award.  This award is given to honor an individual who has provided exceptional service to persons of limited means.  Sheryl was honored for her work with ShelterCare, a non-profit human services agency providing services to homeless or potentially homeless families with children, adults with acquired brain injuries and adults with psychiatric disabilities. ShelterCare … more

Gerry Gaydos Receives Award of Merit from the Oregon Bar


The Award of Merit is the highest honor that the bar can bestow. This award is given to those who have made outstanding contributions to the bench, bar and community, and who exhibit the highest standards of professionalism.

Throughout his career, Gerry Gaydos has been an example of commitment, dedication and professionalism to his clients, colleagues and community. He was elected to his first term on the OSB Board of Governors in 2002. During his … more

Gerry Gaydos Named 2011 Eugene First Citizen


Gerry Gaydos has been selected to receive the prestigious 2011 Eugene First Citizen Award presented by the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. The First Citizen Award honors one outstanding individual making notable contributions to the Eugene/Springfield community through business and community service efforts.

Mr. Gaydos has practiced business and estate planning law in Eugene for 35 years. Mr. Gaydos has served as a leader within his profession, including roles as past president of the Oregon … more